Lauren, 500hr RYT from New York City, rounds out her resume with certifications in personal training and health coaching. An extensive background in hospitality coupled with a deep love for travel and adventure reflect Lauren's robust personality while yoga provides her with a catalyst to keep a healthy body and mind; it certainly proved to be the perfect recipe to feed Lauren's appetite for equanimity. Employing her background as a dancer, Lauren prides herself on using noteworthy music and personalized attention for each and every "body." Her classes are designed to encourage practitioners to stay present while pushing their boundaries through vigorous, yet graceful, sequencing.  She believes "the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul creates the symphony of life."  


I grew up a farm girl, the youngest of 5 & for most of my life a die-hard competitor. My siblings were all competitive, award winning, athletes that were driven with a farm hand work ethic, so how could I not be as well? Each season held its own sport, or multiple, which kept me on the top of the game from Snow skiing to Water skiing, basketball to dance, we were always doing it all. As I got older, I decided to focus on dancing and danced my way right to New York City in 2002. Working through many different professions, I continued to dance and train to keep my body healthy and active, but it was not until 2011 that I found my true passion helping others maintain their health both in body and mind. In 2012, I began to fall into place. First getting certified in personal training, I felt I needed to know more so I went on to The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and finally- the Grad School phase of Yoga, Yoga, Yoga! Doing teacher trainings in both New York City and India really shaped my perspective on how to treat our bodies. I feel that understanding "Bio-individuality" is key to growth in the health and wellness sector. Every "body" is different and we must speak to the differences that make us who we are.